16 Rhodes St, Plainville, MA 02762 401-595-9892
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Boarding Options

All disciplines are welcome at Stargazer Hill Farm. We offer a relaxed, laid-back, yet upbeat atmosphere. Bring your own vet, farrier, and trainer for absolutely no additional fee. If you ever have a question or need a helping hand, the owners live on the property!

Facility Details:

  • 110'x175' Full Jump Course & Bright Lights

  • 70'x140' Flatting Area / Dressage Ring

  • 80'x152' Indoor Arena w/ Premium GGT Footing

  • Grass Hunt Course with Trail Access

Assigned Padock Details:

  • 35'x100' Electric Tape Fenced Paddock

  • All Day Turnout (Weather Permitting)

Assigned Stall Details:

  • 10'x11' & 10'x12' Box Stalls

  • 35 Total Stalls

  • 18 Full Board Stalls (12 w/ In-Out Paddocks)

  • 10 Co-Op / Rough Stalls

  • Individual Assigned Storage Area for Hay, Shavings, Grain, and Tack.